Sachin Saga Cricket Champions

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Play cricket with the legendary Sachin Tendulkar



Sachin Saga Cricket Champions is a 3D cricket game where you get to play the one and only Sachin Tendulkar, one of the best cricket batters in history. Plus, you get to play with tons of other players in hundreds of different events.

The most interesting game mode in Sachin Saga Cricket Champions is the 'Legend Mode' where you can play as Sachin and relive some of the most legendary moments of his career. In the first few levels, your character is only 16 years old, but as you complete challenges, your character will age.

Other game modes let you play with many more players, letting you even create your own team, choosing from over a hundred famous players throughout history. You can combine both current players and old legends.

Sachin Saga Cricket Champions is an excellent 3D cricket game that has an intuitive gameplay, outstanding graphics, and huge variety of game modes and players to unlock.